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Whatever your fitness goals may be, here at TOR Training we are dedicated to helping you achieve them, whether they include losing fat, gaining muscle or just improving your general fitness goals.



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Personal Training

Whether online or at one of our international training venues, our personalised programs will help you reach your goals. Our flexible sessions can be had 1 to 1 or in groups, big or small. We can provide customised plans at an affordable price, no matter your goals.

Boxing Training & Fitness

Our professional instructors offer boxing classes for people with all levels of experience. We also offer courses for beginners and those looking to get into boxing for general fitness and self-defence alongside our professional courses.

Sports & Massage Therapy

We offer many therapies with customised treatment plans between our instructors and partners. Regardless of athleticism, our wide range of therapies can help you overcome issues and ailments impacting your health and fitness.

At Home Training

With our vast network of trainers, we can provide unparalleled support for those who want to experience our services from the comfort of their homes. We aim to deliver an experience like no other, completely tailored to your goals and needs, remotely or in person.

Online home workouts and fitness plans.

With affordable online classes, people who don’t have the time or resources to see a personal trainer can make stable progress towards their goals.

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Need something a bit more custom? Book a call with one of our trainers and we'll build a custom plan to fit your needs, no matter what they may be.

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